Friday, June 19, 2009


This is it folks...countdown time...7 days and counting!! What a fabulous day on Friday for our Carnival! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents who helped to make the day so fabulous for the students. They were looking forward to it all week and the weather cooperated too (maybe a bit too much!). We've already started with our "winding down" this week and we have more "winding down" to come.

So here's what we've been up to and what is coming up:


Once again, a big thank you to our parent volunteers who were able to join us for our last Literature Circle of grade 5. I think every book was a big hit this round and we are finishing off our literary genre study with a final group technology project. The students had to choose their favorite (or most appropriate) form of technology that we've learned this year, to present their book to the class! It's a wonderful project that culminates everything they have learned all year about story elements, technology, public speaking and working together as a cooperative group. Next week the students have a few more periods in the Computer Lab and then they will be presenting their book to the class!
Speaking of presenting, we had a really FUN T.U.S.C. on Thursday! So much fun, that it took all afternoon to get through all of the speeches! I put a few pictures together in a Bubbleshare to show off their talents. It's been a great T.U.S.C. year! Thank you for all your support at home with the "extra" homework and supportive audience for practicing.


It was all about the long division this week! We finished up our last "official" math unit this year on Friday with their final unit quiz on long division. I'll be marking those this weekend and the students should have them back on Monday for you to review and sign.
We have 2 groups of students that will be presenting their Geometry projects next week, giving us a mini-unit in Geometry! Geometry is a fun way to end our year in math...tangrams, tessellations and triangles, oh my!


With such a short week, the students only had a brief lesson on the "Battle of the Plains of Abraham". We viewed an episode from "Canada: A People's History" that portrayed a re-enactment of the battle; a pivotal moment in canadian history. Next week, we hope to look at the battle from both sides from a more empathetic view point.


I'm convinced that it must be our fault that it was cloudy and rainy last week since I was teaching about Weather, because this week, we didn't do any Science and it was sunny!!! Wait, that's not exactly true. The students had fun doing a scavenger hunt of the Weather Map found in the Winnipeg Free Press. For many of the students, it was their first time looking at that section of the newspaper and for others, they had no idea how much information was actually available in the newspapers weather section!! It was an eye-opening experience.
You'll have to watch the skies to see if we're learning about weather or not next week!


  • I'm hoping everyone has received my letter home about our last "week and 2 days" of school! We have a fun week of "theme days" next week to make it exciting for the students. Here's a brief reminder of our events: Monday - Munchday (bring a snack), Tuesday - Chewsday (chew gum today), Wednesday - Weird'n Wacky Day (dress/ hair funny), Thursday - Thirstday (bring a yummy drink for class), Friday - Funday (Sundae Party and afternoon movie).

  • Thank you for your contribution to our Friday Sundae Party...I will provide the ice-cream and the students are each bringing in their selected topping! It's a yummy blast!

  • The students will slowly be bringing home their notebooks and supplies we are no longer using, so they don't have a huge pile of stuff to bring home on the last day!

  • Report Cards will be coming home on Friday, June 26th!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all our great dads! We love you!

Mrs. Eby

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