Saturday, June 27, 2009


What a fantastic year to finish off my time with a homeroom class! Looking back on our archives within this blog, we sure were a busy class, full of fun, exciting and productive learning experiences. All of those things can't happen without an enthusiatic and hardworking group of students willing to get "down to business" and that is definitely what 5E was all about this year.

The best part of saying "Farewell" this June is that I get to see everybody again next year in the library! I'm very excited about this new adventure/chapter in my career as I will be continuing to take online university courses to pursue my Masters of Education (specializing in Teacher-librarianship) as well as revving-up our Library program at LM!

So as our final blog post of the year, here's what we've been up to and what is coming up in the last 2 days of school:

The students finished up their Literature Circle technology projects early in the week and presented them to the class Thursday morning! Interestingly, several of the books in this round of LC's were made into movies. One of my favorite books is "A Wrinkle in Time", an exciting, action packed fantasy, so to celebrate our hardwork with our final round of LC's the students watched the movie and the one group was able to make some interesting comparisons between the book and the movie interpretation.

To finish up our Math learning this year, two groups of students presented their Geometry projects to the class on Monday and Tuesday. The students were asked to apply what they had learned from their presentations into an imaginary town map; identifying such things as parallel lines, perpendicular lines, trapezoids, rays, etc.

On Thursday, the students had some fun playing with Tangrams. Tangrams are an ancient Chinese math puzzle consisting of 7 geometric shapes to create different forms and figures.

The rest of our week was filled with many year end "tidying up" activities and preparations for grade 6. Our theme days of "Munchday", "Chewsday" , "Thirstday" and "Funday" made the week a little more interesting to say the least. I've included a few photos from our week of theme days to show you how much fun we really had....from crazy drinks to overloading on sundae toppings!!

As you may have noticed, most of your child's school work has made its way home this week so they don't have a big load to haul on the 30th. Also, you should have received your child's report card on Friday, along with their grade 6 placement for next year.

Next week....

  • On Monday, the students will be finishing up their posters about Summer Safety! I am hoping that they may have an opportunity to share the important message about "fun and safety" to some of the younger students at LM on Tuesday morning but if not, I hope to have the posters on display at the Lindenwoods Community Center this summer!

  • Monday afternoon, the two grade 5 classes will be involved in some fun games outside from 1:00-2:30 and then finishing off our playtime with a Canada Day themed picnic of hotdogs, chips, drinks and icecream treats. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Beazley for helping to coordinate volunteers and organize the food portion of this event! THANK YOU!

  • Tuesday will be our final day of school with our annual Canada Day assembly in the morning (along with some desk and locker cleaning too!) Remember to wear your RED AND WHITE clothes!!! For those students who are still around, Tuesday afternoon there will be a movie in our classroom and the students can bring a snack or a drink to enjoy while they watch.

Well...I can't believe this year is really over! I will miss everyone so much, as it has truly been a superb year with an absolutely amazing group of students. Thank you for all your support, words of appreciation and help in the classroom. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in the library in September.

Love, Mrs. Eby

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